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Velocity based training and bar path tracking using just your iPhone

Focus on lifting the weights. Metric VBT does the rest.
Velocity, power, tempo and ROM
Bar path and HD video playback
Workout builder and advanced performance insights
Perfect for serious lifters and coaches
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Metric VBT for teams & coaches

Leverage the benefits of velocity tracking with your clients, and athletes without the price tag. Effective and easy to use, improve outcomes and saves precious coaching time.

How Metric VBT Works

Metric's precision algorithm processes your sets while you lift to bring you detailed analytics using just your iPhone

How to record your velocity

Recording bar speed with Metric is as easy as taking a selfie.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Metric algorithm is a patented video analysis method of accurately measuring barbell movement from video. Record your lifts with the app, and Metric will track the barbell in real-time to precisely calculate the change in position for every rep. No additional equipment is needed, but your iPhone or iPad should be positioned side-on and in a stable position.

Metric has been tested against traditional VBT devices and accelerometers, and matches or exceeds their performance in normal conditions. Metric was compared against full 3D-motion tracking systems during development to create our baseline algorithm. Read the validation findings here.

Metric does not require any additional hardware other than your iPhone or iPad to work. All you need is an iPhone X or newer running on iOS 16 or later, or a iPad newer than 2021 running on iPadOS 16 or later.

To ensure your recordings are accurate it helps to have a tripod or stable object to position your phone against – leaning your device against a kettlebell, water bottle or similar works great!

Metric is completely free to use for recording unlimited training set videos.

Start with a free Metric Basic profile and explore the different ways Metric can enhance your training.

When you are ready to level up subscribe to Metric Pro for your full training history, advanced analytics, extra metrics, progress charts, and a workout builder. Enjoy a 14-day free trial to test Pro features within the Metric VBT app.

For coaches or trainers, our Teams option provides additional features for managing and recording data for your clients and athletes. Our cost-effective Teams plans start with a 14-day free trial and scale with the size of your roster. Learn more about Teams here.