The barbell velocity tracker app for serious lifters

Measure your bar speed, tempo, range of motion, bar path, and log your workouts with the Metric app and your iPhone - no strings, no VBT devices required.
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Screenshots from the Metric VBT app including data, bar path and VBT features

Velocity based training made simple.

Track velocity on 60+ exercises, create and share workout templates, log your entire workout, chart progress, create program templates, and monitor fatigue and performance in real-time with the Metric VBT app.
The perfect app for Powerlifting, S&C, CrossFit, Weightlifting, and anyone serious about their strength training.
Velocity, power, tempo, RPE and ROM metrics
Searchable in-app video storage
1RM estimation and load-velocity profile
Workout builder and training templates
Perfect for lifters, athletes, and coaches
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The barbell velocity tracker app loved by lifters around the world

With over 1,000,000 sets recorded and used by lifters in 100+ countries, Metric VBT is your go-to app for easy and accurate velocity tracking in the gym.

For not needing to buy any equipment this is a great tool. The vbt trackers go from 400 and up so for this to do what it does with nothing is amazing.


Super simple to download and just start using. Great for getting clients and athletes to engage with their training in new ways.

Can’t believe this hasn’t been done sooner! Well done team


I can’t believe how easy this makes VBT training compared to the old way of using wearables and external hardware.

This app is brilliant, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Finnian EK

Amazing to not have to pay thousands for a unit or even attach anything to a bar.

Just click record on your camera and I can track my athletes Bar Velocity so easily as well as see form breakdowns etc.



Tried for the first time today. Tracking seems excellent, very very good for checking bar path.

I've never used velocity based training before ... but I do plan to use this moving forward in my training.


It’s not just a “you don’t need an accelerometer / cord attached to the barbell” solution. Video is actually better... as it gives you form analysis, not just power and bar path, given that you can calculate for that at all, which nearly all other apps can’t.

Honestly can’t recommend it highly enough if you are at all interested in optimising your performance with barbell exercises.


Record your bar speed with the Metric VBT app

Velocity based training made as easy as taking a selfie.
powered by our validated computer vision tracking system, store your lifting videos, plan your workouts, and track progress with Metric - VBT 
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Metric VBT - As accurate as a linear positional transducer, without the strings

Metric's precision barbell velocity tracking algorithm has been built from the ground up to accurately and reliably measure bar speed in real-time. Delivering detailed performance and fatigue insights while you train
Metric VBT validation

Metric VBT for Teams

Unlock the benefits of velocity based training tracking with your clients and athletes. Effective and easy to use, start improving coaching outcomes now!
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Try Metric VBT with your Team

Frequently Asked Questions

The Metric algorithm is a patented video analysis method of accurately measuring barbell movement from video. Record your lifts with the app, and Metric will track the barbell in real-time to precisely calculate the change in position for every rep. No additional equipment is needed, but your iPhone or iPad should be positioned side-on and in a stable position.

Metric has been tested against traditional VBT devices and accelerometers, and matches or exceeds their performance in normal conditions. Metric was compared against full 3D-motion tracking systems during development to create our baseline algorithm.

Learn more about the reliability and validity of MetricVBT →

Metric does not require any additional hardware other than your iPhone or iPad to track velocity and record your workouts. Metric is optimised to run on iOS and iPadOS 16.4 and newer, with an iPhone X or newer device.

To ensure your recordings are accurate it helps to have a tripod or stable object to position your phone against – leaning your device against a kettlebell, water bottle or similar works great!

Metric VBT for individuals is free to use with basic features and no limit on sets recorded.

For advanced features including real-time feedback, workout templates, advanced metrics and more, subscribe to Metric Pro. You can try out the Pro features with a 14-day free trial to when you first create an account on the Metric VBT app.

For coaches or trainers looking to do velocity based training with their athletes, our Teams option provides additional features for managing and recording data for your clients and athletes. Our cost-effective Teams plans start with a 14-day free trial and scale with the size of your roster. Learn more about Teams here.