The new standard for velocity based training (VBT) has arrived

Get the insights you need to make impact as a coach. Save time and accelerate the progress of your athletes with the effective weight room technology you and your athletes will love to use.
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Velocity data at your fingertips

A complete re-imagining of the VBT coaching experience.

Our intuitive training app makes collecting data fast and frictionless. Just point, record and lift. With Metric handling the data collection, you can focus on great coaching and insights without wasting precious training time.

Metric for Teams

No hardware cost, simply use your existing iPhone/iPad
$0 upfront, affordable subscription
Powerful and focused coaches dashboard
Intuitive training app improves athlete autonomy
Easy as point, record, lift
Portable – wherever you have an iPhone!
From just $46 USD per month
Simple pricing which scales with your roster.

Other VBT solutions

Requires dedicated hardware for every rack
large up-front investment
Convoluted and frustrating dashboards with disorganised data
Tricky data collection requires hand-holding athletes
Strings, wearables, bluetooth to set up
Impossible to bring with you while travelling
$1000's of dollars up-front
Plus hundreds of dollars each year for maintenance and licensing.
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How Metric works

Track your barbell velocity and motion using just the camera on your iPhone – Data is delivered immediately in session and loads to the dashboard in seconds.

Make tracking velocity effortless

Save time and effort with the ridiculously easy to use Metric training app
A smooth training flow to unlock rapid data collection. Whether working alone, remotely, or with multiple athletes to a rack, the Metric iOS app makes recording a breeze delivering key data and video playback in real-time.

Insights to drive performance

Using the Metric Teams Coach Dashboard
Dive into your coaches dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your athletes' performance over time so you can calibrate training, track progress, flag fatigue early, motivate your squads with leaderboards, and share insights back to your athletes or with the entire performance department.

Scalable pricing

Whether you run a high-school program, college, private facility, pro team, or work as a solo online strength coach, Metric pricing and upfront costs makes velocity tracking a reality.


Up to 25 athletes
Single coach
Metric Pro for all
Unlimited sets
Professional support
$46 USD / month
on an annual plan.


Up to 100 athletes
Up to five coaches
Metric Pro for all
Unlimited sets
Professional support
$80 USD / month
on an annual plan.


Up to 250 athletes
Up to 10 coaches
Metric Pro for all
Unlimited sets
Professional support
$120 USD / month
on an annual plan.
Try for 14-days completely free, or contact our support team for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Metric algorithm is a patented video analysis method of accurately measuring barbell movement from video. Record your lifts with the app, and Metric will track the barbell in real-time to precisely calculate the change in position for every rep. No additional equipment is needed, but your iPhone or iPad should be positioned side-on and in a stable position.

Really accurate. Metric has been tested against traditional VBT devices and accelerometers, and matches or exceeds their performance in normal conditions. Metric was compared against full 3D-motion tracking systems during development to create our baseline algorithm. Read the validation findings here.

Metric does not require any additional hardware other than your iPhone or iPad to work. All you need is an iPhone X or newer running on iOS 16 or later, or a iPad newer than 2021 running on iPadOS 16 or later.

To ensure your recordings are accurate it helps to have a tripod or stable object to position your phone against – leaning your device against a kettlebell, water bottle or similar works great!

Teams offers coaches a comprehensive solution for implementing velocity-based training across their entire roster of athletes.

The below features are all included within a Teams subscription are:

  • A coach dashboard provides an overview of all athletes' training data to easily track and review progress.
  • Coach Mode in the Metric training app. Enable this to record sessions for up to 6 athletes working together on the same barbell from one device, streamlining the training process.
  • All features of the Metric Pro subscription are included at no extra cost for coach devices to utilize advanced velocity tracking tools.
  • Athlete devices also receive full access to Metric Pro, empowering them to self-record velocity during remote or in-gym training.

There is no limit to the number of devices you can login to and use with a Teams account. These could all be logged in with your coach account (with Coach Mode enabled) or you can allow your athletes to record using their own phones.

To train multiple athletes on a single device, enable Coach Mode in the training app settings for fast switching between athletes and exercises, attached is a screenshot of how this looks, athletes would tap on their details and be shown their current session, they then add another set and are ready to record instantly.

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