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Getting started with Metric

Metric uses a unique computer vision system and rep-detection algorithm to analyse camera footage from a mobile device.

As with any measurement tool, you need to follow some simple rules to get the best results! Read the instructions below and you will be lifting with VBT in no time.

A female lifter preparing to deadlift.

How to set up your recording for Metric

1. Device Specifications

Metric is available for free on iOS and iPad OS. Devices must be running iOS 14.7 or iPad OS 14.7 and later. Metric has its own camera settings so no need to adjust your phones default settings.


✅ iPhone X/XR/XS and all models after this (first released late 2017) - front and rear facing cameras

✅ iPhone 7, 7S, 8, SE (2nd gen, 2020) - rear camera only

❌ iPhone 6, 6S, SE (1st gen, 2016) and phones older than this


✅ iPad - 9th edition and later (first released late 2021) - front camera only

✅ iPad Air - 4th edition and later (first released late 2020) - rear camera only

✅ iPad Pro - 2017 - 2019 models - rear camera only

✅ iPad Pro - 11" first gen / 12.9"third gen and later (first released late 2020) - front and rear camera

✅ iPad Mini - 6th edition and later (first released late 2021) - rear camera only

1. Use regulation size (450mm) circular weight plates

Metric measures velocity by finding and tracking standard sized, regulation weight plates of 450mm (17inch) diameter.

✅ Bumper plates, training plates, calibrated powerlifting plates (20kg/45lb and above) and old-school iron plates of 450mm diameter all work.

❌ Plates with non-circular shapes will not be recognised by the algorithm.

❌ Plates that are not 450mm in diameter will give incorrect results.

Illustration of bench press using regulation circular plates, and a warning to not use odd shaped plates.

2. Make sure the phone is stable and stationary

Metric precisely measure the change in position of the barbell. The recording device must be stationary throughout the set to get a valid result.

Keep the phone in vertical orientation while recording.

✅ Use a mini portable tripod, or rest the phone against a dumbbell, water bottle or similar stable object.

❌ Do not have someone hand-hold your phone when recording!

Illustration of Front Squat with the users device correctly positioned on a tripod, and a warning to not use Metric hand held.

3. Position your phone side-on

Metric needs to have a good view of your weight plate throughout the set. Position the phone between 0º and 25º of the end of the barbell.

For squats and overhead lifts Metric works best when the camera is raised to be waist height or above. Use a tripod or position your camera on a bench or box.

✅ Position your phone within 20º from the end of the barbell.

❌ Do not place your phone front-on or at an extreme angle.

Illustration of Deadlift showing correct side-on framing when recording, and a warning with incorrect front-on camera position.

How to get the best results in Metric

Computer vision works roughly like human vision: Metric needs to be able to "see" the weight plates in order to track your lifts with precision.

The more clearly it can see the weight plate in the video, the better the data from Metric will be.

Follow the tips below to ensure you get the best results.

Position your phone slightly in front or behind the end of the barbell

Placing the phone between 0º - 25º from the end of the bar is perfect.

Metric VBT User guide instructional images

Keep the barbell, plates and lifter within the video for the entire lift.

Recording with the phone too close, too far away, or cutting off a portion of the weight plates during a rep will lead to inconsistent data and missed reps.

Metric VBT User guide instructional images

Position your phone at roughly the same height the bar will be during the movement

For squats, bench press and overhead pressing, Metric works best when your phone is at waist height or above. For deadlifts and rowing, the phone can be anywhere from floor to hip height.

Metric VBT User guide instructional images

Make sure you are well lit throughout the recording

Avoid bright lights pointing into the lens creating lens-flare, and avoid lifting in dark environments where it is hard to see the weight plates.

Metric VBT User guide instructional images

How to start a lift in Metric

  1. Tap the Record button from the Metric home screen.
  2. Select your exercise from the list, then enter your weight.
  3. Tap the Confirm button.
  4. The camera preview will appear. Make sure you are set up appropriately (see above).
  5. When your phone is correctly positioned and stable tap the record button and complete your set.
  6. Tap the stop button when your set is over. After the recording is stopped you can pick up your phone to review.
  7. Metric will automatically analyse your lift!

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