Take advantage of the workout video storage and export features in the Metric training app.

Workout video storage in the Metric app

Metric is a workout tracking app with velocity tracking and video capture features built in. The app offers a number of options for lifters and coaches to customise how they manage their training videos.

Note: Currently, videos are stored locally on the device where they were recorded them and are not available via the cloud. You can export videos to your camera roll or share videos directly within the app.

In-app training video storage

Metric's in-app video library is the default way for you to store and review your training videos. When enabled, all set recordings will be immediately saved in the video library a searchable catalog of all your training videos in one place.

You can search for videos in the library by exercise name (or athlete for Teams accounts), export your favourites to the device camera roll, share via social media or messaging and delete videos that you no longer wish to store.

Enabling the video library

Video library storage is available for Pro, and Teams accounts (including during your trial). To activate the video library auto-save feature navigate to Account → Video settings in the Metric app menu.

Local storage and iCloud workout video backup

Videos in the Metric video library are stored locally on your device. This ensures quick access and personal control over your training content.

To safeguard your training videos against loss or when migrating to a new phone, check that your device is utilising iCloud backup and that these backups are running regularly. To make the videos accessible on a new device you will need to select restore From iCloud Backup (or From Another Phone, if you still have your current phone.

Saving workout video to your iPhone camera roll

If you prefer to store videos in your device camera roll, Metric also has an auto-export feature.

When enabled, Metric will automatically process and save every video directly to the Photos app. You can also choose to manually save videos by pressing the export button on the Set Review page if you want to selectively save only certain videos.

You can also directly share videos from the app by opening the menu on the Set Review page and selecting Share video.

Auto-trimming training videos in the Metric app

When exporting videos you can choose to enable an auto-trim feature, where Metric will intelligently trim the length of your training videos to 1, 3, or 5 seconds before and after your set. This helps save storage space and makes for easier sharing of your training videos to social media or with your coach.

Video overlay and bar path on your training videos

All videos recorded in Metric include a customisable data overlay and optional bar path trace.

You can select any of the available metrics in the app to show as the overlay on your video including mean and peak velocity/power, eccentric tempo and range of motion. Bar path is a powerful training tool that allows you to visualise your form and accelerate technical changes in your training, you can easily disable the bar path feature if you prefer not to use it via the Video settings menu.