Metric VBT - Changelog

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Version 4.4 - Training streaks and home page stats

May 24, 2024

What's new 🚨

Training streaks
Keep your training consistent with a gentle nudge from the new streaks feature in Metric. Complete at least one workout every week to keep your training streak going.

Weekly training summary
The home workout page in Metric has been refreshed to show you some key stats as soon as you open the app. You can now see your weekly workout tally, new records set this week along with a recovery clock, showing you how many hours it has been since you last finished a workout.

Improvements ✨

Tempo tracking improvements
Thanks to user feedback we were able to make some further improvements to tempo tracking in Metric. Eccentric and pause tempo durations are now more reliable.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Minor cosmetic and speed optimisations throughout the app
  • Improved empty state views for all pages where data might not yet be available.
  • Improved behaviour for the keyboard during workouts, it now stays put allowing for faster entry of weights and reps.
  • Reinstated the quick-add load buttons for incrementing your weights when logging a workout


Version 4.3 - Estimated 1RM, interactive charts

May 15, 2024

What's new 🚨

1RM estimation (Pro)
Metric now offers in-app, real-time one rep max (1RM) estimation on all your velocity tracked exercises. Simply train as normal and once you have completed 3 or more sets across a range of loads your estimated 1RM value will be shown. Use this to help calibrate your % based training, track progress or simply compete with your friends. Set a custom velocity target for your e1RM for each exercise in the exercise settings menu during your workout. Learn more about the 1RM feature here.

Performance page refresh (Pro)
A fresh look for the performance page in the app with seperate charts for each exercise. Track your progress on strength, power and 1RM based scorse, and select from a wider array of time frames to dive even deeper into your training history and performance over time.

Tonnage calculation (Pro)
See the total weight lifted for a given exercise during your workout with our new tonnage calculation feature, enabling better tracking of your training volume.

Time under tension calculation (Pro)
Measure the total time you complete for a given exercise with the new time under tension metric. This helps in understanding workout intensity, volume or work completed and planning recovery. Combined with tonnage, time under tension is aΒ great number to keep an eye on for maximising hypertrophy and muscle growth.

Improvements ✨

Interactive charts
All charts within Metric are now interactive. Get a closer look at your training data by dragging on any chart to reveal more detailed insights.

Exercise settings (Pro)
Everything about your exercises can now be customised from one central hub. Set up your ideal training view, adjust 1RM velocity targets, and choose which data is displayed during your workout and in your set reviews. Find the exercise settings menu from the … menu button next to each exercise during an active workout.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Resolved Teams issues related to multi-athlete workouts.
  • Made tweaks to the tracking algorithm to better handle sets with only one rep and other edge cases.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped template notes being saved when updating a template after finishing a workout.
  • Improved keyboard behaviour when completing active workouts.
  • Backend enhancements for faster data loading, and a smoother display of training history.

Version 4.2 - Coach mode templates and template notes

April 22, 2024

What's new 🚨

Coach Mode Workout Templates (Teams)
Workout templates are now available for coaches with a Teams account. Start a workout from scratch or utilise a template when training in coach mode. Plus, share links to workout templates directly so your online clients can follow their program easily on their own device.

Delete Entire Workouts from History
Deleting an entire workout is now easier than ever. Navigate to your history and tap the delete button to remove a workout. Be careful, as this action cannot be undone!

Template Notes
Add notes to your workout templates. Use notes for helpful reminders to future you, or friends and clients. Notes are visible at the top of an active workout.

Exclusive Pro App Icons
Just for Pro users, we have created two new custom app icons. Find the Pro Gold Metric app icons in the Appearance settings menu!

Improvements ✨

Helpful exercise filtering
When adding exercises to workout templates, the list will filter and highlight the exercises in your workout so you can remember what is already included.

Updated Set Review page
Bigger video previews and larger set details make it easier to read at a glance. Easily export your videos to your camera roll with a new save button front and center.

Unified styling
This update improves the app styling making everything just a little easier on the eyes. Users with accessibility fonts enabled on their device will now have a much smoother experience, with text being clearer than ever.

One-rep set tracking improved
Metric would sometimes miss singles. Thanks to our powerlifters helping track down this issue with example videos, missed singles should be a thing of the past.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed a weird visual issue when expanding and collapsing exercise cards on the workout page
  • Fixed a funky thing that would cause an active workout to not fill the entire screen - now it always fills the entire screen
  • Bumped the keyboard a touch so that the current set row and the next row are both visible. A small thing that makes entering your weights at least 3x faster
  • The weight and rep details from your last set now get passed into a new set during a workout more reliably.

Version 4.1 - Template sharing, exercise multi-select

April 11, 2024

What's new 🚨

Exercise multi-select
You can now add exercises to your workout or template in bulk without having to go back and forth from the exercise list. Simply enable multi-select and add all your exercises in one go.

Template sharing (Pro)
Share your favourite workout templates with friends or clients, making it easy to collaborate on training programs. Perfect for online coaches using Metric Teams to program for their clients or for friends who enjoy training together.

Improvements ✨

Drag to reorder exercises in active workouts
Customise your workout order in real-time by dragging and dropping exercises within an active workout. This gives you complete control over your training session sequencing.

Bug fixes πŸ›

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Metric VBT as we improve and optimise the app for the growing number of people who use us in their training, as a result a number of minor bugs came up recently. Many of these should now be squashed, thanks to everyone who pointed these out!

  • Fixed a refresh issue with the load velocity profiles to ensure smooth updates
  • Improved keyboard behaviour when tapping between fields during a workout or when building a template for a seamless user experience
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a single video to show up twice in the library
  • Better handling for 0-set exercises in your workout history after training from a template, keeping your records clean and relevant
  • Resolved an issue around auto-completed workouts being missing from history


Version 4.0 - Template workout builder

April 3, 2024

What's new 🚨

Workout templates (Pro)
You can can now build & save workouts as templates ready for your next training session. This drastically improves the efficiency of logging your workouts. Templates are feature rich, and have the ability to be updated after a workout, duplicate, archive, and edit existing workout templates to train exactly how you want. Coaches: Workout templates for Teams coming soon!

Exercise swapping
Switch an exercise out of your current workout for a different movement, giving you the flexibility to adapt your workout on the fly. This is only available for exercises without any completed sets.

Improvements ✨

Free users can now complete full workouts
All users of the Metric app can now complete and review an entire workout, including both velocity-tracked and manual entry exercises.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Numerous small and cosmetic improvements throughout the app.

Version 3.6 - Improved workout flow

February 13, 2024

What's new 🚨

Workout page redesign
A fresh new interface for completing your workouts with an uninterrupted full screen workout page. Add exercises, record sets and review your training data effortlessly and without distraction

Improvements ✨

  • Better onboarding experience - Easier, seamless onboarding experience for new users with faster page loads, quick-start settings suggestions and improved tutorials.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed a crash that was occurring at app load in certain languages
  • Fixed an issue with the microphone permissions request on first set
  • Re-styled the RPE entry page for easier entry after recording
  • Improved responsive design for better usability with larger font settings

Version 3.5 - Performance Boost & Design Overhaul

January 30, 2024

What's new 🚨

No major new features with this release, just improvements and improvements to existing functionality.

Improvements ✨

  • Video Processing Speed Improvements: We've enhanced the processing speed for analysing velocity data in your sets. Enjoy reduced post-set processing time and more accurate real-time feedback.
  • Data Loading Optimisations: Your experience in Metric just got faster! Expect significantly faster load times throughout the entire app, including record alerts, fatigue trends, progress charts, and training history.
  • Design Refresh: Dive into a new visual experience with our refreshed colour scheme, layout, and overall design.

Version 3.3 - Real-Time Feedback

November 21, 2023

What's new 🚨

Real-time feedback (Pro & Teams)
‍Now experience audible feedback during your training sets with Metric! Choose from various modes including velocity targets, velocity loss thresholds, and rep metric announcement. This feature is available for both mean and peak velocity, range of motion, and eccentric tempo. Elevate your training with immediate insights and adaptability.

French translations
Bonjour! Metric now speaks French. This update will automatically adjust to your device's local settings or you can switch languages manually via Account β†’ Appearance.

Improvements ✨

  • Session mode improvements for Teams - We've streamlined the session mode for Teams, making it easier and more efficient to navigate between athletes and exercises. Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive experience in your multi-athlete sessions.
  • Performance improvements for iOS 17 - We've made several behind-the-scenes enhancements and quality-of-life improvements to ensure Metric runs smoothly with iOS 17+. Our code base has been updated to align with the latest best practices, ensuring a more robust and reliable app performance.
  • Custom VBTΒ exercises - You can now record velocity on your custom built velocity tracked exercises

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Athlete list sorting - Teams accounts now feature an alphabetically sorted athlete list for easier navigation.
  • Memory usage - Fixed an issue causing Metric to use more phone memory than it needed
  • Battery load - Fixed a battery usage issue
  • Audio recording in iOS 17 - Addressed an issue where iOS 17 changed audio recording defaults in videos.

Version 3.2.1 - Language Support, Always-On Mode

November 1, 2023

What's new 🚨

Metric now speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese. The app will default to your device's language settings, but you can also manually set your preferred language. Navigate to Account β†’ Appearance β†’ Language to adjust.

If you spot an issue with our translations or would like to help us translate into more languages? We'd appreciate your feedback, get in touch via email or hit us up on Instagram!

Say goodbye to screen timeouts disrupting your workouts. Activate the Always On function in Account β†’ Appearance to keep Metric awake and running throughout your session. This was a big frustration for Jacob as he had to keep tilting his tripod when supersetting, so he went and fixed it for himself!

Improvements ✨

  • Re-organised settings - Access all app settings with ease, right from the Account tab. We've streamlined the layout for quicker navigation.
  • Session explainer - New to Metric? A quick-start guide has been added on the session page to help you get training even faster.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Auto-export fixed: Resolved an issue with the auto-export function for videos.
  • Loading glitch resolved: Fixed a glitch affecting the exercise list while setting up your session.
  • Video count: Addressed bugs related to the video count in the Library.

Version 3.2 - Video library

October 27, 2023

‍What's new 🚨

Video library (Pro)

Automatically save all your training videos directly in the Metric app with our organised and searchable video library. All videos can be reviewed within their session context or from within the searchable video library and of course you can still easily export your favourite videos to your camera roll or share from the app.

Enable auto-saving to the video library via Account β†’ Settings.

Improvements ✨

  • ‍Coach mode enhancements - We've refined Coach mode to better facilitate multi-athlete sessions, offering a smoother experience for both coaches and athletes alike.‍
  • Session mode updates - Code refactoring and adjustments have been made to boost stability and overall app performance during session modes.‍
  • Custom created exercises are now available across devices - Your personal custom exercises are now linked to your account instead of your device. This means they will now follow you across multiple devices. Great if you upgrade your phone or for coaches using multiple devices.‍
  • Session UI updates- When exercises are collapsed in a session, the display now only shows set count and top load for sets that are completed, ignoring incomplete exercises for a more helpful view.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Dark mode picker. We've restored functionality to the dark-mode setting picker.
  • Various speed improvements and edge cases solved. A fewΒ edge cases were causing issues on occasion in the session mode, these are now fixed.

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