Metric VBT - Changelog

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Version 3.3 - Real-Time Feedback

November 21, 2023

What's new 🚨

Real-time feedback (Pro & Teams)
‍Now experience audible feedback during your training sets with Metric! Choose from various modes including velocity targets, velocity loss thresholds, and rep metric announcement. This feature is available for both mean and peak velocity, range of motion, and eccentric tempo. Elevate your training with immediate insights and adaptability.

French translations
Bonjour! Metric now speaks French. This update will automatically adjust to your device's local settings or you can switch languages manually via Account β†’ Appearance.

Improvements ✨

  • Session mode improvements for Teams - We've streamlined the session mode for Teams, making it easier and more efficient to navigate between athletes and exercises. Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive experience in your multi-athlete sessions.
  • Performance improvements for iOS 17 - We've made several behind-the-scenes enhancements and quality-of-life improvements to ensure Metric runs smoothly with iOS 17+. Our code base has been updated to align with the latest best practices, ensuring a more robust and reliable app performance.
  • Custom VBTΒ exercises - You can now record velocity on your custom built velocity tracked exercises

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Athlete list sorting - Teams accounts now feature an alphabetically sorted athlete list for easier navigation.
  • Memory usage - Fixed an issue causing Metric to use more phone memory than it needed
  • Battery load - Fixed a battery usage issue
  • Audio recording in iOS 17 - Addressed an issue where iOS 17 changed audio recording defaults in videos.

Version 3.2.1 - Language Support, Always-On Mode

November 1, 2023

What's new 🚨

Metric now speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese. The app will default to your device's language settings, but you can also manually set your preferred language. Navigate to Account β†’ Appearance β†’ Language to adjust.

If you spot an issue with our translations or would like to help us translate into more languages? We'd appreciate your feedback, get in touch via email or hit us up on Instagram!

Say goodbye to screen timeouts disrupting your workouts. Activate the Always On function in Account β†’ Appearance to keep Metric awake and running throughout your session. This was a big frustration for Jacob as he had to keep tilting his tripod when supersetting, so he went and fixed it for himself!

Improvements ✨

  • Re-organised settings - Access all app settings with ease, right from the Account tab. We've streamlined the layout for quicker navigation.
  • Session explainer - New to Metric? A quick-start guide has been added on the session page to help you get training even faster.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Auto-export fixed: Resolved an issue with the auto-export function for videos.
  • Loading glitch resolved: Fixed a glitch affecting the exercise list while setting up your session.
  • Video count: Addressed bugs related to the video count in the Library.

Version 3.2 - Video library

October 27, 2023

‍What's new 🚨

Video library (Pro)

Automatically save all your training videos directly in the Metric app with our organised and searchable video library. All videos can be reviewed within their session context or from within the searchable video library and of course you can still easily export your favourite videos to your camera roll or share from the app.

Enable auto-saving to the video library via Account β†’ Settings.

Improvements ✨

  • ‍Coach mode enhancements - We've refined Coach mode to better facilitate multi-athlete sessions, offering a smoother experience for both coaches and athletes alike.‍
  • Session mode updates - Code refactoring and adjustments have been made to boost stability and overall app performance during session modes.‍
  • Custom created exercises are now available across devices - Your personal custom exercises are now linked to your account instead of your device. This means they will now follow you across multiple devices. Great if you upgrade your phone or for coaches using multiple devices.‍
  • Session UI updates- When exercises are collapsed in a session, the display now only shows set count and top load for sets that are completed, ignoring incomplete exercises for a more helpful view.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Dark mode picker. We've restored functionality to the dark-mode setting picker.
  • Various speed improvements and edge cases solved. A fewΒ edge cases were causing issues on occasion in the session mode, these are now fixed.

Version 3.1 - Manual entry and custom exercise creation

October 6, 2023

What's new 🚨

Manual Set Recording (Pro)
Metric is now a fully functioning workout tracker. Log all your velocity tracked and non-velocity exercises in the Metric app. You can even record manual entry sets for your velocity exercises by pressing and holding on a set row in the session view.

Expanded Exercise Library
Metric now support 60 velocity tracked exercises, and more than 150+ other exercises for manually entering into your workout.

Create Your Own Custom Exercises (Pro)
Don't see your exercise in our library? Craft your own custom-named exercises and make your workouts truly yours.

Improvements ✨

  • Workout Builder optimisations - Thanks to your feedback, the session page is now even more user-friendly. Larger buttons and text entry fields make workouts more efficient even when you are covered in chalk and sweat.
  • Faster RPE Ent‍ry - Enter and edit RPE / RIR directly from the session view for velocity tracked and manual entry exercises.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Optimisation work for legacy code to improve app efficiency
  • Faster processing for training videos
  • Handled some crash instances experienced by some users

Version 3.0 - Workout builder, Post-session summary, and more

September 26, 2023

What's new 🚨

Workout builder (Pro)
Easily build workouts by adding exercises and sets ahead of time or during training. Update weights and customise training metrics and toggle on or off the load velocity profile all from right within the new session page.

Repeat workouts from your training history (Pro)
You can now repeat a workout from your training history, preloading exercises, sets, weights and last time velocity, power and RPE metrics. This allows you to rapidly repeat the same load progressions with fewer button presses and keep all your training context in mind from the session page.

Post session summary (Pro)
At the completion of your session you can now see an overview of how your session went, every record, every trending set, all the work you did, in one place.

Improvements ✨

  • Improved Trends calculation and visualisation - Trends have been reworked to provide a more meaningful indication of your fatigue and performance status (readiness) in real-time. Trends compares the mean velocity of your best 3 reps from the current set, with your 6-week average for all sets of the same exercise and weight. You can also see a mini chart for this 6-week trend from the set review page. Learn more about Trends on the Metric Blog β†’
  • Filter exercises on the trends chart - You can now filter and adjust your strength and power progress charts to include only certain exercises. Metric will now store this preference for every time you return to the charts page.
  • Coach mode improvements - Coach mode has been improved to enable smoother set editing, multi-athlete session mode and more. Teams account required.
  • Overall app redesign - Many hours have been put into this release to improve design consistency, optimise training flows and clean up the app display for both dark mode and light mode.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed a zoom control issue in the camera view
  • Improved the advanced camera mode settings
  • Fixed issues when editing the athlete name connected to a set when in coach mode
  • Coaches can now end a session for each athlete in a multi-athlete training flow
  • Many aesthetic and minor navigational bugs, glitches and inconsistencies were straightened up

Version 2.6 - Video auto-trim, custom overlay metrics

August 26, 2023

What's new 🚨

Video auto-trim
Say goodbye to unnecessary footage! Metric now auto-trims videos to include only the portion with reps when saving and sharing. Simply enable this feature in settings.

Custom overlay metric
Personalise your videos by choosing the metric that is shown. Select from options like velocity, range of motion, and eccentric tempo. Want more? Unlock advanced metrics, including power numbers, with Pro.

Advanced camera settings
Elevate your tracking experience with improved tracking on high-speed lifts. Reduce motion blur by enabling this feature in good lighting conditions.

Improvements ✨

  • Enhanced support documentation - We've added a new support page with details on common causes for missed rep detections to assist you better.
  • Revamped in-app blogs - Explore new copy, fresh blogs, and easy-to-follow velocity tracking ideas crafted specifically for coaches and lifters.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Low light recording - Β Fixed issues with low light recording in standard modes to enhance your recording experience.
  • Camera lens selection - The camera will now default to the main wide lens (1.0x) on all devices, eliminating any confusion with the ultra-wide lens.
  • iOS 14 deprecated - To enjoy the latest version of Metric VBT, please upgrade to iOS 15 or above.


Version 2.5.2 - Olympic lift improvemments

August 18, 2023

What's new 🚨

Olympic lift tracking improvements
Thanks to the videos sent in by the Metric users we have been able to target and fix some issues when tracking fast lifts. As a result, the Metric Olympic lift tracking algorithm is now significantly better. This enhancement will provide you with more accurate and reliable results when tracking Snatches and Cleans.

Tap the timer to end recordings
You can now tap the recording timer to stop a recording after your set. This prevents any motion in the camera from reaching for the stop button if it obstructed in your recording setup, which might lead to false rep detections.

Improvements ✨

Bug report button - If your results aren't as expected during your set, you can now inform us directly via the Report Bug button in the set review menu. Just remember to select Mail Drop when sending so we can use the lift analysis in our bug fixing process.

Video flicker fix - If you experience a video flicker caused by the lighting in your gym, simply tap the lightbulb symbol to adjust the Metric camera settings before you press record.

Bug fixes πŸ›

As always, we've squashed some bugs to improve the overall performance and reliability of the app.

Version 2.5 - Bar path, RPE logging & Strength trends

August 7, 2023

What's new 🚨

Bar path tracking
Watch your lift trajectory in high definition after each set. This insightful new feature will take your technique analysis to the next level as you can see every portion of the repetition as it moves through space.

RPE & RIR entry
Choose between RPE and RIR systems to log your rating of perceived exertion right after each set. Combining a subjective assessment of how hard you are training alongside the objective data provided by Metric VBT is a powerful combination.

Strength and power trend charts (Pro)
Review progress of your strength and power performance over time for all your exercises in the new Trends tab. Quick reference cards shows a list of all your records and how long ago they were set. Choose between 6-weeks, 1-year, or all time for your progress charts.

Compact view for session mode
Keep your session page clean with the new compact view. Once you finish all your sets for an exercise hide the details and see just a basic summary of each set, making it easier to navigate your workout as you record more exercises.

Improvements ✨

History page and set review redesign - The training history and set review pages have been given a facelift and are now more intuitive, helping you navigate your training data with ease.

Visual flourish added to the video overlay - A touch of flair has been added to your training videos.

Bug fixes πŸ›

More speed and processing improvements - A few tweaks and optimisations behind the scenes have boosted Metric's speed and efficiency to make it even faster and more reliable.

Version 2.4 - Velocity trends & readiness context

July 20, 2023

What's new 🚨

Trend charts (Pro)
View a progress chart and table of your mean velocity performance over time on each exercise and load immediately after each set. With the trend summary card quickly glance to see if your bar speed is trending up, stable or trending down.

Adjustable context numbers (Pro)
Now you can personalise your context for comparing today's performance. Choose between your last session stats or a 6-week average to serve as your benchmark.

Auto-save videos
Forget to save a video? Now you don't have to worry! By enabling auto-save in settings, your Metric videos will be saved directly to your camera roll immediately after you finish a set.

Custom app icons
Personalise Metric with one of four different app icons. Choose your favourite icon in the app settings and have Metric VBT fit the aesthetic of your device home screen.

Load increment buttons
Enter your training weight faster and more efficiently with our new load increment buttons.

Multi-athlete session recording (Teams)
Enhance your coaching sessions with our improved Coach Mode. Record sets for all your athletes working in together on the same barbell with a single device, making multi-athlete training sessions seamless and efficient.

Full team training history (Teams)
Keep a close eye on your athletes' progress. You can now review the training history of your entire team, offering valuable insights into their performance journey.

Improvements ✨

Algorithm adjustments - We've fine-tuned our algorithm to handle more edge cases, this will help filter out more unracking ghost reps for accurate set data.

10x set processing speed optimisation - We've undergone a spring clean to the Metric computer vision algorithm to make it faster and more efficient, delivering your training data quicker than ever. In some trickier cases this has resulted in processing being reduced from 25 seconds down to two seconds post recording.

Training profiles refresh - Your profile and membership pages have been refreshed for easier navigation. Find & update your details with less hassle.

Improved user guide & support documentation - Learning VBT and troubleshooting your recording setup is easier than ever with the reorganised support menu and settings pages.

Cosmetic improvements - We've rearranged some pixels for a more aesthetic and user-friendly Metric app. Navigation is easier and Metric is faster than ever leaving more time in your session for the important things - lifting!

Bug fixes πŸ›

App crashes - We've tackled bugs that were causing occasional app crashes, improving the overall stability of the Metric app.

Video processing bugs - Bugs impacting video processing have been identified and fixed. You can now expect a smoother video saving and review experience.

Set management improvements - We've improved set management, making editing and deleting sets more intuitive and hassle-free.

Version 2.3 - Record alerts

June 17, 2023

What's New 🚨

Personal Record Alerts
Real-time updates on your all-time best velocity, load, rep, and power records for any given exercise.

Records Feed (Pro)
A timeline dedicated to showcasing all your exercise records documented in the app.

Bug fixes πŸ›

  • Stability and performance improvements - Metric is smoother and faster, giving you a more seamless training experience.

Metric VBT for teams & coaches

Leverage the benefits of velocity tracking with your clients and athletes without the price tag. Easy to use, improve outcomes, increase retention, and save precious coaching time.