The real-time feedback feature provides audio alerts or announcements during your sets to help calibrate output, increase intent and motivation or autoregulate the end point of your set. This is a well researched and effective use of velocity based training.

Real time feedback is available with a Pro or Teams subscription.

Enabling Real-Time Feedback

To turn on real-time feedback:

  • Tap the feedback tab in the top right corner of the video recording screen to open feedback settings.
  • Select your preferred form of velocity feedback

Real-time feedback is not available on some exercises, as we continue improving this feature it will be enabled on more exercises in the future.

Feedback options

There are four different variations of real time feedback available, you can enable one a time.

  • None - No feedback will be given during the set.
  • Announce reps - Hear the value for each repetition read aloud at the top of each rep. Choose from mean velocity, peak velocity, and range of motion as the announced metric. To make this more useful, Metric rounds the values announced to keep the audible feedback short and less distracting.
  • Velocity loss threshold - Select a velocity loss value (as a percentage) to help determine the end point of your set. This feedback type will stay silent until you are approaching or beyond the determined velocity loss threshold. Select between mean velocity and peak velocity to calculate the velocity loss.
  • Velocity target/zone - Set a fixed value for peak velocity, mean velocity or range of motion and hear a positive alert for all reps above the target value and a negative buzzer on reps that drop below the target.

Usage notes

  • Real-time feedback may slightly increase video processing time after sets.
  • Real-time feedback may be activated on a barbell pick up or unracking - these false reps will be filtered in the final set data (or you can subtract them from the set manually).
  • In loud gyms, feedback works best when played through Bluetooth headphones such as AirPods. Feedback can be utilised alongside your music or Podcast playback without interruption.
  • We recommend turning off feedback during strength sets above 95% of 1RM to avoid distraction.

You can learn more about the benefits and uses for real-time feedback in this blog →