Metric VBT allows you to estimate your one rep max (1RM) strength levels on any barbell exercise automatically during your normal training sessions, without the need for a dedicated 1RM testing day.

This estimated 1RM (e1RM) feature is available for Pro & Teams subscribers on all velocity-tracked exercises.

To set up 1RM estimation:

  1. Start a workout and add any velocity tracked exercise.
  2. Open the exercise settings for a velocity-enabled exercise (marked with the 🅥 symbol).
  3. Toggle on the "Estimate 1RM" setting.
  4. Input your estimated 1RM velocity (also known as a minimum velocity threshold (MVT)). This is the bar speed at which you predict you could still grind out a complete repetition without failing. Suggested MVT values can be found in this image below.
  5. Start training, to see your 1RM, you need to record velocity data across at least 3 work sets at a range of loads (e.g. 40kg, 60kg & 80kg).

Tips for accurate 1RM estimation

  • Spread your recorded sets across a range of loads for best results. Recording sets that are too close together in load (e.g. 40kg, 45kg, 50kg) will not provide enough data
  • Apply maximal intent on each rep while maintaining good form. Lifting explosively ensures that your data is representative of your actual strength levels
  • Ensure your device is set up properly to record each rep. Review the device setup guide for optimal tracking →

How you can estimate 1RM from bar speed

As you complete sets, Metric analyses your load-velocity profile to estimate your 1RM in real-time.

This allows you to get a precision real-time estimation of your strength levels and readiness as you train, helping you track progress and make program adjustments should you need.

How accurate is an estimated 1RM

Estimating your one rep max with barbell velocity data is very accurate.

This accuracy depends on several factors

  • Selecting an appropriate 1RM velocity target for the lift and your strength levels,
  • Lifting with consistent high levels of intent
  • Using an appropriate loading range (ideally your top weight for the estimate is above roughly 75%
  • Optimising the recording setup of Metric. Learn more about velocity tracking set up here →