2023 in review: Transforming bar speed tracking with Metric VBT

At Metric, our mission has always been clear: to develop the world’s very best Velocity Based Training (VBT) application and workout tracker there is.

In 2023, we've taken big strides towards that goal, filling out the Metric app with powerful features aimed at helping lifters and coaches take their bar speed tracking to the next level.

New Metric VBT app features in 2023

Over the last 12 months Metric VBT developed from a proof-of-concept in version 1.0, introduced Metric Pro in version 2.0, and into the Metric workout tracker with the launch of Metric version 3.0 in October 2023.

Here are some of the major new features that have been added to Metric in the past 12-months.

Real-time velocity feedback

Real-time velocity feedback in the Metric VBT app
Real-time Velocity feedback, adjust the settings directly from the video recording screen

Get instant in-set understanding of your performance with our Real-time Feedback feature. Immediate analysis helps you adjust your lift in the moment it counts, maximising the effectiveness of each session.

Workout video library

Save and record all your training exercises in the Metric VBT workout app
Record and save all your training set videos directly in the Metric VBT app. Complete with easy cataloguing and searchablility features.

Access a rich library of instructional videos right within the app. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, these resources are invaluable for perfecting your technique and expanding your exercise repertoire.

Workout builder and training diary

The Metric VBT workout builder and training diary app
Session mode in Metric VBT. Record and log all your training sets with velocity and non-velocity exercise entry available.

The Session Builder is your personal workout planner. It allows you to create and customize training sessions tailored to your goals, making your time in the gym more efficient and effective.

Bar Path Analysis

Tracking the bar path of an Olympic lift - Clean with an iPhone app Metric VBT
Track your bar path for free with the Metric VBT app

Metric’s Bar Path Analysis helps you refine your technique by providing visual feedback on the path of the barbell during lifts. It's like having a coach with you at all times, ensuring your form is on point.

Readiness trends

measure readiness and fatigue with the Metric VBT fitness tracking app and the Trends feature
Readiness trends are automatically calculated in the Metric app, comparing today's velocity with your 6-week average.

Trends is a game-changer in VBT. It provides real-time ongoing insights into your velocity, fatigue, and readiness state, enabling you to make informed decisions about your training on the fly.

Personal Record Alerts

Metric VBT - motivation and intent with velocity records
Load, velocity, power and rep record notifications in the Metric app

Celebrate your milestones with Personal Record Alerts. Every time you hit a new peak in your training, Metric notifies you, adding an extra layer of motivation to your workout routine.

Automated load velocity and power profiling

load velocity profiles created with velocity based training device and application Metric VBT
Load velocity and load power profiles are automatically calculated in the Metric VBT app. Gray line is a comparison between today's profile and last session.

One of the most valuable applications of velocity based training profiles provide deeper insight into an athlete’s training and progress over time. Metric generates your profile automatically and is available directly in your session. Effortlessly compare today’s profile with your last session to map performance improvements and toggle between the load-velocity and load-power profile options.

Teams Dashboard

Metric for Teams a dashboard for online coaches to use velocity tracking with their clients and athletes
Metric for Teams A platform for coaches to review and manage their athlete velocity based training data

Coaches and team managers, rejoice! The Metric Teams dashboard streamlines the management of athletes' performance data, offering a comprehensive view of progress and achievements.

So many new ways to use velocity in the gym

In addition to these major features released in 2023 there are countless optimisations, minor additions and much more all aimed at improving your VBT experience.

Every feature added to Metric VBT in 2023

Training history • Auto-save videos • RPE and RIR entry • Teams dashboard • Pause metrics •Discord community •Auto-trim videos • Manual exercise entry • 10x faster video processing • Translations • Real-time Feedback • Custom exercises • Online user guide • Eccentric tempo • Power metrics • Peak velocity • Custom app icons • Olympic lift tracking • Advanced camera mode • Session auto-fill • Multi-athlete training mode • Video library • 6-week comparison • Metric Pro • Progress charts • Leaderboards • Session builder • Always on display • Custom video overlays • Trends • Mobile responsive dashboard • Bar path • Support documentation • Free VBT course • External validation • Personal record alerts • Automated profiling • Data customisation

2023 new features added to the Metric VBT workout and velocity tracking app
Velocity based training in 2023. So many amazing new features added to the Metric VBT app - and its available to try for free!

Thank you to our lifters!

Big thanks to our amazing community of lifters for all your detailed feedback, ideas and insights - your input has been a really big help in making Metric what it is today.

What do you want to see us add into the Metric app in 2024? Get in touch on Instagram or come join our Discord community, it would be great if you came to say hi 👋

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