Metric, the velocity tracking app and training log, includes an advanced camera mode specifically tailored for accurate bar path and bar speed tracking on Olympic weightlifting movements.

Capture precise bar path and velocity data during explosive lifts like cleans and snatches for immediate video playback and live performance feedback.

Precision velocity tracking for weightlifting

Advanced camera mode is designed for high-speed Olympic weightlifting movements. By increasing the camera's shutter speed, motion blur is reduced, enabling accurate tracking of the barbell during cleans, snatches, jumps, and bench throws.

Advanced tracking is also ideal for tracking loaded jump variations and bench throws.

Enable advanced camera mode for fast moving barbells

Engage advanced camera mode when performing sets a peak velocity above 2.0 m/s (or mean velocities above 1.1 m/s).

However, for slower lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench press, where mean velocity usually remains under 1.0 m/s, advanced camera mode is not necessary.

How to enable advanced camera mode in the Metric App

Two simple methods to activate advanced camera mode in Metric.

During a workout

  1. Open the camera for your next set that you plan to record.
  2. Tap on the settings card in the top left hand corner of the screen
  3. Toggle on advanced camera mode

When not in a workout

  1. Navigate to Account > Video settings.
  2. Toggle on Advanced camera mode within this settings menu.

Once activated, your camera remains in advanced mode until disabled.

Lighting considerations when using advanced camera mode

Advanced tracking performs optimally in well-lit environments. We do not recommend using advanced tracking mode in poorly lit environments or if recording video that contains bright sources of glaring light.

Tracking accuracy may be compromised in poor lighting conditions. Due to the limitations of camera lens technology, this is compromised accuracy is exacerbated when advanced camera mode is enabled

Removing video flicker with advanced tracking

Under some lighting environments you may experience a video flicker when advanced camera mode is enabled. Removing the flicker is easy, just tap the light bulb button in the bottom left hand corner of the camera view to adjust the lens settings for flicker free video playback.